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About Us

Liaison Mafao fund protects your hard earned money and secures your future.

This is a plan for individuals and institutions that wish to avoid the process and cost of setting up their own Plans or those in the informal sector.

How it works

The Plan allows you to build your retirement income by making regular contribution in the scheme during your working life. The benefits are payable as a lump sum or a pension for life.

The Plan is regulated by RBA and Income Tax Act, under which generous tax advantages (up to prescribed limits) are enjoyed. Our Plan covers for both Self-Sponsored and Group Schemes.

Liaison Mafao Fund

Key Features

  • Tax Advantages - members enjoy tax-free limit up to 20,000/- a month

  • Flexible contributions - can be fixed or varying to suit your situation

  • Single lump sum contributions are allowed

  • Liaison will provide personalized and professional services updating you on your account by Online Access and SMS Based Technology

  • The minimum Retirement age is 50 years to a maximum of 75 years

  • There is a choice between Segregated fund or Guaranteed fund

  • Guaranteed interest: Our Plan offers an option of a minimum guaranteed interest at 5%

  • Portability - Members can transfer to and from one scheme to another tax free

  • No penalties on withdrawal

  • There are no hidden charges

  • Life insurance cover can be arranged for the members on very flexible terms

Joining The Plan

What You Need

  • Application and Beneficiary Nomination Form (supplied by Liaison Financial Services Limited)

  • A copy of National Identity Card (or Passport)

  • First Contribution (with a schedule for Group Applicants)

  • Transfer Instructions (Once you leave employment and transfer your remaining 50% employers contribution to Mafao Fund, you can continue saving through MPesa.)

Online Account

You can access your account online throught the following steps

Step 1

Step 1

Click the Sign In option on this Website's Menu

Step 2

Step 2

Enter your Information as instructed

Step 3

Step 3

View your online account

Contact us

Liaison House, State House Avenue
P . O . Box 58013 – 00200 Nairobi, Kenya.

Who We Are

Liaison Financial Services.

Our core business is provision of scheme administration and trust services. Our resource base, experience and commitment to Eastern Africa is second to none.

We believe we are at the forefront of pension and trust consultancy in Eastern Africa and guard jealously the reputation we have earned in providing “leading edge” professional services in this region.

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